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We can design and deliver a wide range of leadership development programmes specifically tailored for organisation. Whether you are looking for a fully tailored leadership programme for senior managers to be delivered over a number of months or just individual, specifically focussed workshops on skills such as time management or making presentations, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver practical and affordable solutions. 

Our programmes are always dynamic in their approach and with a grounding in the real world of business. They include: 

  • Leadership
  • Giving great presentations
  • Time management and personal organisation
  • Project management

Our programmes are always dynamic in their approach and with a grounding in the real world of business. They include: 

Coaching in business is not just about developing another management skill – it needs to become an integral part of an organisation’s culture. Our programmes are designed to help you build this culture and support your managers to become effective business coaches. 

Dynamic Coaching for Managers is a two-day programme suitable for all managers of people.

  • Highly participative and motivational programme 
  • Examples and exercises from the world of sport and work used to illustrate our simple and highly effective coaching process 
  • Managers practice coaching using their live work-related issues 
  • Practical action planning ensures delegates build and practice skills after the programme
  • Tailored to the culture and specific needs of your organisation

There are now many ‘life coaches’ offering their services – Step Change does not offer life coaching. We do provide performance and business coaching. Our skills and experience (we have been coaching senior managers for 20 years) is in helping senior managers to maximise their personal performance and the teams that work for them. A broader understanding of an individual beyond their work focus may, of course, help the coaching process but our focus is on helping key individuals to maximise their potential within their work role. 

When coaching at a more senior level, we often start the process by conducting a competency-based interview or psychometric assessment.

Please get in touch with us via the ‘Contact us’ page if you are interested in receiving high quality coaching from one of our associates.